We say miracles are holy
Rare and unlikely,
Stop hoping as we live
Stars lose their power to elevate
Mysteries that beckoned are explained
Joy in great and small things
Gradually erode as body contours change
We must mature and anticipate
The exchange of magic for technology
Wonder becomes control
At first we notice
We can’t hear it anymore
And then forget we ever did
Forget that we are children always
Bearing the Imago Dei
Truth and beauty seeking
Longing spirits on this human journey
But hoping is too hard
The matrix holds us as machines asleep
Deadened to wonder and pain
In cages staring at a sky obscured
Breathing poisoned air of cynic’s doubt
What have we forgotten?
A miracle is holy
Not because it’s out of reach
But for how it comes to us
Teaches us to hear and feel again
Relentless as the light
It finds us