The Jade cannot be contained. (or… China, here we come!)

Some people are satisfied sitting and watching TV and playing checkers while pounding a bag of nachos (or maybe Oreos). But here’s the thing, The Jade is not one of those peoples. He’s restless. He is on fire. He won’t stop moving. He is running his parents into the ground with his energy. He cannot be contained by one set of borders, and so…
Yes, that last part was authored by my dear husband. This is his way of saying that we will be making a scouting trip to China this November. The purpose of this trip is to explore opportunities for long-term medical work. We will be visiting two locations where doctors are already working, teaching family medicine, caring for orphans and the elderly, and sharing His light and the hope and peace we can have in Christ.
We will be bringing both boys, and anticipate this will be our most exciting family adventure yet! Jet lag, foreign food, unknown infectious organisms, who knows what awaits us? But we have been planning this trip for a long time and know that God has good plans for us.
Now for the purpose of this blog: to share our journey with our friends and family. Two docs finally finish residency and crawl out of debt, and while approaching forty we hope to sell all our possessions and move our two young children to the other side of the planet, learn one of the hardest languages on earth, and seriously modify our careers. Why? We hope the answer will come out in the pages that follow. We want you to know our longings, our struggles, our hopes and disappointments. We want you to see God move for us and open and close doors. We hope that our journey will encourage and inform yours as well.
In an attempt to be security conscious (despite the title of our blog), we will use code names for the Crawford family. The senior Crawford will be “Bob”. Mama Crawford will be “Joy”. Our eldest is “The Jade”, as introduced above. And our youngest, “Lil’ Nick”.
Ok, Joy might be selling all her possessions, but Bob plans to keep his lucky boxers, and his Kindle Fire (which he plans to get for Christmas).


One thought on “The Jade cannot be contained. (or… China, here we come!)

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures! You’re a wonderful writer.


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